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Winter 2017 Videos

Image Super-Resolution: Can Neural Networks Do the Trick?
Alice Lucas
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Baloons Above Antarctica: The Coolest Place to Put a Telescope
Paul Williams
Physics and Astronomy

Anarchists or Authoritarians? Probing the Internal Politics of E. coli
Thomas Wytock
Physics and Astronomy

Metal 3D Printing: Versatile Yet Challenging
Puikei Cheng
Mechanical Engineering

Revealing the Lives of Stars Through the Cataclysmic Collisions of Black Holes
Michael Zevin
Physics and Astronomy

Why Big Cities Generate More Inventions, Crimes, and Disease
Vicky Yang
Applied Mathematics

How Can We Re-direct Bacterial Metabolism to Make Sustainable Compounds More Efficiently?
Peter Su
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Looking Deeper Than We Dig
Suzan van der Lee
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Designing Molecules to Efficiently Harvest Sunlight for Fuel Production
Benjamin Nagasing

Do Machines Perceive the World Like We Do?
Arjun Punjabi
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Our Hidden Sixth Sense
Raeed Chowdhury
Biomedical Engineering

How Long to Wait to See a Doctor in ER? Making the Waiting Experience Better
Sina Ansari
Industrial Engineering