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Summer 2019 Videos

Getting Our Foot in the Door: Improving Process Efficiency in Bacteria
Sam Leach
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Searching through biology to build our toolbox
Luyi Cheng
Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences

Understanding Inequality through the lens of Quality
Apoorv Gupta
Kellogg Finance

Salmonella can do WHAT?!: Engineering Bad Bacteria to do Good
Julie Ming Liang
Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences

Simon Says, “Say What I Say”: Using Mirroring to Understand Autism
Shivani Patel
Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Fault in our Tools: Accelerating the Development of Brain Cancer Treatments
Sarah Anderson

Building the bridge to renewable energy
Andrew Wolek
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Crude Choice
Nicole Weygandt
Buffett Institute

The Power of Advertising: Making the Consumer Pay More for Similar Products
Joseph Johnson
Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Timekeeping and Beyond – The Importance of Accurate Measurement of Time
Sruthi Venkataramanababu
Applied Physics

A Whisk of Hair: development of biomimetic whisker-like touch sensors
Hannah Emnett
Mechanical Engineering

How To Live Well To 122
Alison Hernandez
Center for Education in Health Sciences

Move it! How restoring proprioception combats paralysis
Joseph Sombeck
Biomedical Engineering

How does obesity lead to cancer?
Alina Murphy

Measuring blood flow in the brain with 4D Flow MRI
Maria Aristova
Biomedical Engineering

Testing the Failure of Two-Dimensional Materials: Why, How, and What
Xu Zhang
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Program

Building a Better World Through Video Games
Kathryn Ringland
Communication Studies

Does a cancer cell manage stress better than you?
Blanca Gutierrez
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Protecting Your Privacy Using Randomness
Alex Mercanti
Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Making Matter Work Harder: Discovery and Design of Biomimetic Materials
Martha Dunbar
Mechanical Engineering

Travel Behavior Change: A New Kind of Engineering Problem
Alec Biehl
Civil and Environmental Engineering

How National Security Doesn’t Keep Us Secure
Claudia Garcia-Rojas
African American Studies

Why are we so smart? The origins of abstract thought.
Apoorva Shivaram

What a Waste: Finding New Ways to Tackle Metal Pollution
Sam Wallace
Environmental Engineering

“Device”-ing a Weight Loss Plan: Merging Humanity and Technology to Combat Obesity
Annie Lin
Preventive Medicine

Harnessing the Sun’s Power: Advances in Organic Solar Cells
Natalia Powers-Riggs

Going Viral? Engineering Viral Shells as Delivery Vehicles
Bon Ikwuagwu
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Pushing the Limits on Silicon Solar Cells
YounJue Bae

Hairy Nanoparticle Assemblies: The next generation material
Nitin Krishnamurthy Hansoge
Mechanical Engineering