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Summer 2018 Videos

Seeing the forest for the family trees: The genetic roots of visual processing in autism
Kritika Nayar
Clinical Psychology

Properly placing the powerhouse of the cell: Mitochondria trafficking
WeiTing Chen
Molecular Biosciences

Constructing great thinkers: Supporting young children’s learning through play
Naomi Polinsky

Shortcuts to more efficient solar cells
Natalia Powers-Riggs

Whispers of the universe
Eve Chase
Physics & Astronomy

Political consequences of economic hardship
Haritz Garro

Did technology trigger a housing boom?
Stephanie Johnson

Putting together the pieces of the U.S. productivity puzzle
José Carreño

Helping the computer perceive the world
Joyce Wang
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

How your nose knows fear
Daria Porter

Tsunamis: Fight against time
Amir Salaree
Earth and Planetary Sciences

The hidden signal in speech: Uncovering clues to mental health
Emily Cibelli

Treating Cancer without any Side Effects
Vikas Nandwana
Materials Science and Engineering

Can a shrinking brain teach us something new about Alzheimer’s disease?
Daniel Ohm
Mesulam Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Bacteria may relieve your pain
Ana Vicente-Sanchez

Breaking the Chains of Pain in Diabetes
Sandra Hackelberg
Feinberg School of Medicine

Building Optical Devices with DNA-Assembled Nanoparticle Superlattices
Lin Sun
Materials Science & Engineering

Can we restore our hearing?
Chuan Zhi Foo
Driskill Graduate Program in Life Sciences

Two steps to stopping the world’s #1 killer
Amanda Marma Perak
Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine

Ocular herpesvirus infection: Tale of chronic inflammation
Susan Park
Microbiology and Immunology

Reimagine: High resolution of certain objects in video
Srutarshi Banerjee
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mind control: Using odors to improve memory
Laura Shanahan

The role of smartphones in mental health treatment
Jennifer Nicholas
Preventive Medicine

Where does the brain make memories?
Amy Rapp

DNA: Taking a look back to look forward
Tess Pottinger
Preventive Medicine

Toxic RNA – a new way to kill cancer
Ashley Haluck-Kangas

Unveiling the universe’s dark mystery with random walks
Miaotianzi Jin
Physics & Astronomy

Drug resistance in prostate cancer: Only the strongest survive
Yara Rodriguez

Everybody pees… or at least they try
Ashlee Bell-Cohn