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Summer 2017 Videos

Bridging the gap between the materials we have and the ones we need
Ben Bucior
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Pulsars in the snow globes
Shi Ye
Physics and Astronomy

Seeing beyond the imperfections: Computer vision for a materials world
Eric Schwenker
Materials Science & Engineering

Untangling the nets: The paradox of network complexity and stability
Phalguni Shah
Physics and Astronomy

Touching the virtual
Roman Grigorii
Mechanical Engineering

Curing cancer with tiny magnets
Vikas Nandwana
Materials Science & Engineering

Ruth Martin Curry
Comparative Literature Studies

Bacterial Materials: Building a Better Slime
Elizabeth DeBenedictis
Mechanical Engineering

Homo Ex Machina: Man from the Machine
Chris Versteeg
Biomedical Engineering

A Nature Inspired Quest: The Ideal Catalyst
Melissa Barona
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Exploring the Universe with Virtual Galaxies
Zachary Hafen
Physics and Astronomy

Understanding the Culprit of SAM Syndrome
Marihan Hegazy
Pathology and Dermatology

The Social Life of Rubber
Rahardhika Utama

Improving Physical Therapy… One Device at a Time!
Chandler Clark
Biomedical Engineering

Plastic from Gas: Plexiglass from Ethylene and Carbon Monoxide
Rachel Watson
Chemical and Biological Engineering

A building block you would never expect: Bacteria
Kerim Dansuk
Mechanical Engineering

3D Printing the Invisible: Taking 3D printers to the micro-scale
Nicolas Martinez Prieto
Mechanical Engineering

Built on Sand: Rethinking the Foundation of Electronics at the Molecular Scale
Jordan Nelson

A cost-effective manufacturing process for producing customized products
Zixuan Zhang
Mechanical Engineering

The Path to Regenerating Brains: How Cells Assemble into Organs
Nicolle Bonar
Molecular Biology

Huntington’s Disease: A Tongue Twister in your Genes
Danielle Fanslow
Cellular & Molecular Biology

The Prion Phenomenon
Dustin Goncharoff
Biochemistry & Molecular Genetics

Balancing Service and Education: Emergency Medicine Resident Effect on Attending Physician Workload Study
Yue Yin
Department of Operations Management