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Summer 2016 Videos

Why is cartilage damage worse for women after a knee injury? Hormones may be the culprit
Bethany Powell
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Spot the Relation! Promoting Smart Thinking in Babies
Erin M. Anderson

Find your body’s “Firefighter”
Cong Chen
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Developing a Rabbit Model of Memory Improvement
Schnaude Dorizan

Network, synchronization, and the paradox of heterogeneity
Yuanzhao Zhang
Physics and Astronomy

How Do I Talk with My Robo-Limb?
Eric Earley
Biomedical Engineering

Tiny Rocks with Big Possibilities: A Journey to the Nanoscale
Rachel Harris

Solid Acid Fuel Cells: The Future of Energy
Sheel Sanghvi
Materials Science and Engineering

The future of solar energy: Recent advances in organic photovoltaics
Adam Coleman

Managing a Fleet of Shared Driverless Vehicles
Michael Hyland
Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Quest for the Ideal Catalyst
Melissa Barona
Chemical and Biological engineering

Understanding Segregation in Granular Materials
Ryan Jones
Mechanical Engineering

What Are Other Worlds Like
Sam Hadden
Physics & Astronomy

Seeing Distant Worlds with Better Cameras
Travis Hamilton
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Whispers from the stellar graveyard
Katie Breivik
Physics and Astronomy

Making Soft Stuff Stronger, Understanding Thin Film Composites
David Delgado
Materials Science and Engineering

The Marriage of Matter and Data Science
Arindam Paul
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Asking microbes to fix our energy and pollution problems
Soo Ro
Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences

Neuroimaging to understand the human brain after stroke
Meriel Owen
Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences

Sleeping our way to a better memory
Sadie Witkowski
Brain, Behavior, & Cognition area of Psychology Department

How Do I Talk with My Robo-Limb?
Eric Earley
Biomedical Engineering

Visualizing a Foreign Invader: How GFP Helps Us See Herpes Virus
Laura Ruhge
Microbiology and Immunology

Hard to swallow: studying a foodborne bacterial infection
Hannah Gavin
Department of Microbiology-Immunology, Feinberg School of Medicine

Solar System Symphony
Kyle Kremer
Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA)

Rogue nanoparticles in the environment
Carolyn Wilke
Environmental Engineering

Making Sense of Scents
Agnes Bao
Interdepartmental Neuroscience

Using Science-Fiction’s Superpowers to Help Science
Reyhaneh Maktoufi
Media, Technology, and Society