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Summer 2015 Videos

What is at the center of the Milky Way?
Fabio Antonini
Physics & Astronomy

Visualizing the Future: Studying next-gen lithium ion batteries
Fernando Castro
Materials Science & Engineering

When Stars Meet…
Fani Dosopoulou
Physics & Astronomy

Legionnaires disease: Where does it come from and what can we learn about other bacteria?
Stephanie Fairbaim

Not all life stories are created equal: Narrative identity & well-being
Jen Guo

Exploring the Universe Using Virtual Galaxies
Zach Hafen
Physics & Astronomy

New ways to treat cancer
Ruben Omar Lastra
Radiation Oncology

Making Materials to Control Light
Qingyuan Lin
Materials Science & Engineering

The mystery of toothpaste: solid or liquid?
Binbin Luo
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Perovskite Solar Cells
Lingling Mao

Dietary fats impact peripheral organs, brain function and behavior
Eléonore Maury
Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Molecular Medicine

Nano Meets Bio: Crafting materials that are benign by design
Alicia McGeachy

(Cell) Size Matters
Saoirse McSharry
Molecular Biosciences

Zebrafish, helping us study human diseases: Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome
Usua Oyarbide

How does autism affect neurons?
Lola Martin de Saavedra

Big Data Astronomy: Revealing the biography of supernovae
Niharika Sravan
Physics & Astronomy

Harnessing The Power of Genetics to Develop Better Cancer Therapies
Alok Swaroop
Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Bureaucracy and Inequality in Emerging Democracies
Rahardhika Utama

Improving Chemical Synthesis with Metals
Vicki Weidner

The Havoc of Stress
Lizzie Aguiniga
Feinberg School of Medicine

Optimizing Solar Cells with Blu-Ray Movies
Alane Lim
Materials Science & Engineering

Modeling Protein Structures
Dan Ma
Chemical Engineering

Learning from the nose
Lisa Qu

Just add sugar: Making better medicines by engineering bacteria
Jessica Stark
Chemical Engineering