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Spring 2013 Videos

Developing a Catalyst from a Materials Scientist’s Point of View
Bor-Rong Chen
Materials Science & Engineering

Theory Aided Design of Plastic Electronics
Henry Heitzer

Study of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Gold Nanoparticles
Yi Hua
Materials Science & Engineering

Applying New Technology to the Investigation of Swallowing Disorders
Nogah Nativ
Communication Sciences & Disorders

Memory Modification During Sleep
Delphine Oudiette

Constructing Water Points and Children’s Diarrhea
Sangyoon Park

Improving Very Small Area Estimates
Tanya Tang

Magnetostrictive thin films in X-ray telescopes
Xiaoli Wang
Mechanical Engineering

Choosing Your Doctor: Open heart surgery scorecards
Tae Jung Yoon
Plant Biology & Conservation

Plastic Solar Cells
Angela Chang

Reanimating Paralyzed Limbs
Guillermo Marshall

Exploring Ways to Save Orchids
Anne Nies
Plant Biology & Conservation

Understanding the Physics of Cell Function
Taylor Page

Building Energy Storage Devices Using Metal-Organic Frameworks
Wojciech Pudlo
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Rebuilding the Brain
Agila Somasundaram
Molecular Pharmacology & Biological Chemistry