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Fall 2019 Videos

I’m so late: I wish my Uber could fly
Haleh Ale-Ahmad
Civil Engineering

Nanoparticles: Powerful Tools for Targeted Drug Delivery
Mallika Modak
Biomedical Engineering

Modern-day alchemy: turning DNA into tiny factories
Samuel Gowland
Chemical and Biological Engineering

From Aerosols to Clouds: How Surface Chemistry Helps Unravel the Mysteries
Yangdongling Liu

Space Oddities: Forming Tiny Planets at the Edge of our Solar System
Jackson Barnes
Earth and Planetary Sciences

Digging Out Earthquakes Hidden in Data
Vivian Tang
Earth and Planetary Sciences

How We Got Here: Travel Behavior in a Moving World
Jason Soria
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Detailing the Chicago environment: what is the truth?
Anastasia Montgomery
Earth and Planetary Sciences