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Fall 2017 Videos

Exploring the Invisible Universe with Computer Simulations
Alex Gurvich
Physics and Astronomy

Uncovering the Aging Process
Sophia Liu
Chemical & Biological Engineering

The Famine That Should Not Have Been
Natalya Naumenko

Turbocharge Your Chemistry: Catalysts, Cars, and Clean Air
Lawrence Crosby
Materials Science & Engineering

Listening for Colliding Black Holes
Michael Katz
Physics and Astronomy

Oh Interesting! Conversational Clues to the Genetics of Autism
Nell Maltman
Communication Sciences & Disorders

Locked In: How Prison Time Transforms Your Politics
Brianna White
Political Science

How do Doctors Adopt New Technologies
Hyojun Lee
Chemical & Biological Engineering

Too Much Precision Can Be Bad
Jimmy Kim
Physics and Astronomy

Asking Simple Questions to Solve a Big Problem: Organic Photovoltaics
Jenna Logsdon

Breaking and Making Chemical Bonds Through Sunlight
Shichen Lian

Improving Cellular Factories: Thinking Inside the Box
Taylor Dickman
Chemical & Biological Engineering