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Summer 2020 Videos

Due to COVID-19, the Summer 2020 session of RCTP was offered remotely. Participants recorded their final presentations in their home.

Why I Research Positive Emotion and Stress
Sarah Bassett
Center for Education in Health Sciences

Waste + Waste = Valuable Products? : The Valorization of Lignin
Natalia Obrzut
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Weaker is stronger? How to create a lighter but resilient water purifier
Hoang Nguyen
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

It’s Deeper than Blood: Examining How Social Factors Affect Heart Health
Lindsay Zimmerman
Health Sciences Integrated PhD Program, Health and Biomedical Informatics Track

When Falling in Gravity, The Key is Stability
Andrew Dragunas
Biomedical Engineering

Robots as New Drivers: Robot Navigation in Human Crowds
Muchen Sun
Mechanical Engineering

“Say, What?!” Understanding Age-Related Hearing Loss using Otoacoustic Emissions
Uzma Wilson
Communication Sciences & Disorders

Bladder gone wrong: How can you “rest” in the restroom?
Thao Nguyen
Biomedical Engineering

There is more to autism than meets the eye: A family study of gaze and eye movement
Molly Winston
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The following students completed the RCTP program in the Summer of 2020:

Alice (Renwen) Zhang
Andrew Dragunas
Annie (Claire) Nelson
Blake Rasor
Carlos Gustavo Halaburda
Caroline Price
Conor Porter
Deanna DiMonte
Fanrui Sha
Hoang  Nguyen
Hyewon Kong
Jenny Liu
Jiancheng Ye
Muchen Sun
Jiaxin Chen
Jingyi Zhang
Jinpu Yang
Julianne Murphy
Kelly Jarvis
Lindsay Zimmerman
Maria Pereira Luppi
Maria Fernanda
Marija  Milisavljevic
Matthew Sweers
Michael Bueno
Mohamed Hasan
Molly Winston
Momoko Takahashi
Natalia Obrzut
Patrick Horton
Peter Puleo
Rayyan Gorashi
Sarah Bassett
Thao Nguyen
Tracey Dinh
Uzma Wilson
Xinyi  Gong 
Yanxuan Shao
Yijing Chen