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Video Testimonial from Marina Damiano, Ph.D. (Summer 2012 Alumna)

Today I gave my first podium presentation for a professional meeting, and have gotten so many compliments about how good my presentation was and how I was able to communicate my work so well. And on Tuesday I had an interview where I had to make a research presentation and a teaching presentation, and I got such good responses from the students with the teaching lecture and got a lot of good feedback from the faculty on my research, even though I was teaching mechanical engineers about biology. I feel like I crushed the interview and this presentation today, and I just want to thank you for equipping me with the tools I need to succeed at things like this through the RCTP.Alumna, Summer 2016


RCTP has improved my confidence and competence in speaking about my work – not only to a large lay audience, but also in one-on-one conversations with others. I would recommend the RCTP to any science student/scientist interested in better communicating their science to the world.Alumna, Summer 2013


The RCTP represents the pinnacle of what graduate students can achieve as scientific communicators. By the end of the program, students demonstrate mastery of the essential communication skills needed to give the equivalent of a TED-Talk about their own research.EECS Professor