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Emily Graslie — The value of communicating scientific research with the public

Emily Graslie

Chief Curiosity Correspondent, The Field Museum

The term “scientist” often inspires the stale image of lab goggles and a white coat, but who’s responsible for transforming this stereotype—the media or the scientists themselves? Is a harmless stereotype all that bad?

The public’s interpretation of scientists and their work influences levels of personal investment and involvement when it comes to making decisions that are informed by scientific research. It’s beneficial for researchers of all types to consider incorporating science communication as an integral part of their work in order to ensure our society may reach a higher degree of literacy in those fields.

Join Emily Graslie, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum, as she discusses a variety of ways in which science communicators may work as liaisons between researchers and non-specialists in order to achieve these goals.

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